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Most of The Beautiful/Attractive Women Are Not Available

Read the title? This is not my theory but this is just something I read somewhere on the web and a big topic of discussions amongst me and my friend.

That if you saw or maybe one of your friend is stunningly beautiful or attractive “claiming” that she was single, The probability is that she:
a. Just got dumped and still can’t get over her ex
b. Pretend that she was single and just wanna have those guilty pleasure with other men
c. Had a “frigid” attitude towards men (Yes, the fact is there are some women)
d. Still can’t get over her ex even though it’s been a long time
e. Is a lesbian

I made this list not in any way to degrade women. It’s just something between me and my friends have talked about for a long time.

Feel free to call me and my friends STUPID or whatever but it’s just an opinion 🙂


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